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Grease Services

Grease Services Overview

For commercial kitchens, grease management is not just a need—it's a regulatory requirement. Our commercial grease services are designed to keep your establishment in compliance with health and safety regulations. From regular cleaning and maintenance to emergency service calls, our highly trained technicians are prepared to handle all your grease service needs.


  • Grease Trap Cleaning: Regular cleaning of grease traps is crucial to prevent build-up and blockages. We provide thorough, professional grease trap cleaning services to ensure smooth operations.

  • Grease Interceptor Maintenance: Our comprehensive grease interceptor maintenance services include regular inspections and cleaning, ensuring they operate efficiently and meet local regulations.

  • Emergency Grease Services: In the event of an unexpected problem, we provide emergency grease services to minimize downtime and quickly restore operations.

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Office Address: 10427 S. Leer Road, Posen, MI 49776


Phone: (989) 356-6090

Please contact our professionals to schedule services or if you have any questions. Our staff is happy to assist you by phone or email, which are both listed above. You are also welcome to fill the following form which will notify our professionals and allow them to contact you and address any of your needs. 

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