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Septic Services

From the heart of your home to the hub of your business, a well-functioning septic system is integral to everyday life. Regular service is recommended for all septic systems to prevent inconvenient, messy and expensive system failures.

Septic Services Overview

​Septic tank pumping, cleaning and related services for residential, commercial and municipal customers.

  • Septic Tank Pumping: Preserve the longevity of your septic system with regular, thorough pumping.  Our team uses cutting-edge equipment to ensure a clean, efficient service every time.

  • Septic System Inspection: Identifying issues early is key to preventing costly repairs. Our detailed inspection services can help you catch potential problems before they escalate and make sure you are getting the full picture prior to purchasing a property.

  • Lift Pump Installation and Replacement: We offer professional installation and timely replacement services to maintain the functionality of your septic system.

  • Riser Installation and Lid Replacement: We provide safe and efficient riser installation services and replace worn-out lids, enhancing the accessibility and safety of your septic tank.

  • Holding Tank Pumping: We pump and service holding tanks and soap tanks of all kinds.

Septic services in Alpena, Presque Isle, Rogers City, Hillman, Atlanta

Signs Your Tank is Overdue for Maintenance

Septic system failure is extremely costly. ​Proper septic tank maintenance is essential for extending you system's life.

Calls us immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • An odor after using water (may smell like sewage or rotten eggs)

  • Toilets, sinks or showers are draining slowly, have stopped draining or are backing up

  • Gurgling sound in toilet, sinks or showers

  • Ground is damp/soggy around the septic tank or drainfield

  • Cutlet line leading to the drainfield not visible because it is covered by scum layer inside the septic tank

Why We're Different

Hall's Serv-All is always committed to safetyquality and expectational customer service at every job.

​We are:

  • Relentlessly dedicated to every job - large or small

  • Attentive staff - always speak to local professionals that care about solving our problems

  • Experts in all things septic - over 75 years accumulated intelligence

  • At your service - ready to provide service at your convenience 

  • Always available - we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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Phone: (989) 356-6090

Please contact our professionals to schedule services or if you have any questions. Our staff is happy to assist you by phone or email, which are both listed above. You are also welcome to fill the following form which will notify our professionals and allow them to contact you and address any of your needs. 

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