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Portable Toilets

Portable toilet rentals provide relief when conventional restroom facilities are not available. They are also useful when you don't want all of your party guests trampling through your house to use YOUR private bathroom. This saves your septic system from a lot of unnecessary wear and tear.

Standard Porta-Potty

This is a standard portable toilet at Hall's Serv-All. They are a pristine white and available with or without urinals and/or anti-bacterial hand-sanitizer. They are very popular for parties, weekend get-togethers, festivals, hunting camps, or at the lake cottage.

This style of porta-potty, with a urinal, can also be used on Northeast Michigan's numerous construction projects. Our restrooms meet OSHA standards for occupational health and safety. Regular cleaning schedules are on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. More frequent cleanings are also available.       

Standard Side By Side (Festivals)

These are another example of standard portable toilets at Hall's Serv-All. These are some of the newest and most popular portable toilets on the market today. The soft tan color blends in splendidly with the natural background of Alpena and Northeast Michigan, making it a great addition to outdoor events and festivals. These units are more spacious on the inside and have a larger waste tank so you won't need as many portable toilets for your party or event.

This style of porta-potty can be seen at all of the festivals in Alpena and Northeast Michigan.

Handicap ADA Portable

This handicap portable toilet is ADA compliant and is very popular for the festivals in Alpena and the surrounding areas of Northeast Michigan. The floor of this portable toilet sits on the ground allowing wheelchairs easy access to restroom facilities. The inside is very spacious and includes an easy-to-grab railing on the inside for those who need assistance.

Hand Washing Station - Standard

This is the smaller of Hall's Serv-All's free-standing hand-washing stations. These two-sided sinks are very popular for weddings, graduation parties, family reunions, and all of the festivals in Alpena and Northeast Michigan. Each unit is equipped with paper towels, soap, and chlorine treated water to ensure a clean wash every time. Water is dispensed by the conveniently placed foot pedal at the bottom of the unit.

Hand Washing Station - Deluxe

This is the larger of Hall's Serv-All's free-standing hand-washing stations. This type of unit is equipped with four washing areas (2 on each side) and contains more soap, paper towels, and chlorine treated water than the smaller version. This type of unit is typically only needed at large events expecting a large amount of people. It is also available in tan. 

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